Noteworthy Members of the Order of DeMolay

Listed below are just a few of the many important figures who have been a part of the Order of DeMolay:

Chet Huntley - Famous TV Newscaster

Neil Armstrong - Test Pilot, Astronaut and First Human Being to Walk on the Moon

Ernest Borgnine - Famous Actor and Academy Award Winner

Colonel Frank Borman - Astronaut and Commander of Gemini 7

Terry Bradshaw - NFL Quarterback who led the Pittsburgh Steelers to Four Super Bowl Championships and a Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee

William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton - 42nd President of the United States

Walter Cronkite - Long-Time Newscaster, Narrator, and deemed "The Most Trusted Man in America"

Walt Disney - Cartoonist, Producer, Creator and Businessman

Bob Mathias - Gold Medal Olympian and US Congressman

General John P. McConnell - Fighter Pilot and Former United States Air Force Chief of Staff

John Wayne - Well known as "The Duke" Wayne was an Oscar-Winning Actor, Director and was a Symbol of Basic American Values of Goodness and Truth

Fran Tarkenton - All American Quarterback with the University of Georgia, NFL Quarterback who led the Minnesota Vikings to three NFC Championship Games, a Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee, TV Show Host, Sports Announcer, Businessman and Entrepreneur

John Steinbeck - - Pulitzer Prize Winning Author - Nobel Laureate